“Keep Christmas With You” by The Cast of Sesame Street

The post for today is a song many people likely have forgotten. It’s not a tune you hear on the radio, or that’s included in compilations, or that anyone sings in churches. And yet it represents one of my most indelible childhood Christmas memories.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

What a wonderful special with so many little moments: Big Bird and the little girl figure skater whipping around the rink to Feliz Navidad.” Oscar the Grouch being hurtled down several flights of steps, only to ask to do it again because it was so much fun. Kermit the Frog sharing children’s unconvincing explanations to Big Bird about how Santa would fit down the chimney. Bob wishing Mr. Hooper (sob!) a Happy Hanukkah. Cookie Monster failing several times to reach Santa because every communication device resembled a cookie. Ernie and Bert exchanging gifts, similar to the Gift of the Magi, teaching each of them how special the other was to him. Santa arriving despite Big Bird’s worry. And of course, the centerpiece for me, this posted song that reminds us that Christmas does not have to end on December 25th. Just like the spirit and joy of Sesame Street never really have to leave you, even when you are no longer a child.

I cried when I heard it as a little girl. Last year, when I watched the special again with my then 7-year-old son, I cried again. And I think he understood.


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