“J-I-N-G-L-E Bells” by Frank Sinatra

Facebook gets a bad rap. Usually from me. I have an extreme love-hate relationship with this social (or sometimes apparently antisocial) outlet. There are days I vow to disable my account, annoyed by someone saying something I disagree with, or disappointed no one liked my obviously witty (at least to me) remark, or simply disgusted by how much time I have wasted on it when I could have done something far more productive. (Like writing a blog about holiday popular culture.)

But this week, Facebook brought me a little measure of happiness. I have been posting my Christmas tunes to Facebook, and while only a few people take notice each day, my cousin Janet has been checking in pretty regularly. In an exchange about holiday tunes last week, she mentioned her favorite Christmas song. Yesterday, following a moment of boredom and frustration at work, I checked my Facebook and noticed she had posted a message to me–that she’d been listening to holiday songs on Sirius radio and thought of me. This made me happy–to know someone was thinking of me and had connected the love of the holidays and holiday music with me.

And so, today, I am posting her favorite Christmas tune (and one of mine) in her honor. Here’s Old Blue Eyes,  doing his own take on those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells. Miss Janet, enjoy. 🙂


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