When I was a kid, decades ago, Channel 11 from New York used to air a program toward the end of the Christmas season called The Yule Log. The conceit was a televised fireplace accompanied by hour upon nonstop hour of Christmas carols. I remember it being aired generally all day Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, although there may also have been other showings. My family and I were fascinated by this program. To the point that my father taped the footage on the VCR, to be watched on some random day in July when we needed a pick-me-up from the usual, nonfestive atmosphere.

Today,  holiday songs are offered on television 24-7 from November 2nd through the New Year. Satellite radio affords hosts of holiday stations for weeks before Christmas. Yuletide seems to be in our-faces seemingly from  a few days after children return to school following summer vacation. I am on the side of those who like and encourage an extended celebration. Forget the scrambling for gifts, the worries over schedules–for me, there is no time of the year better than the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through December 26th.

This blog, The Yule Blog, consists of favorite holiday songs and moments–one for each day from Black Friday through Christmas. Some posts are short, and some are longer, but all of them attempt to capture the spirit of the season, and my often random but nonetheless heartfelt thoughts.


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