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“Whatever Happened to Christmas?” by Aimee Mann

December 18, 2012

Some days you’re just not feeling it.

And today, for me, is one of those days.

I’m a lot more like The Grinch than like Buddy the Elf on this Tuesday, one week before Christmas 2012. A combination of angst over the state of the world and a series of minor frustrations have accumulated to knock the star off my tree. I feel like I’ve bitten into a rancid candy cane, every other light in the strand needs replaced, and someone gave me a gingerbread man missing a head.

I have nothing real or substantive to complain about. And that makes me feel worse for feeling bad at all.

I can never be anything but honest. And I’ve always been a person who feels better after venting.

So, readers, I hope you will bear with me and not give up on my blog. But my holiday spirit has gone into hiding. I expect  it will re-emerge tomorrow. I am sorry if you came here looking for comfort and joy. I’ll try to make it up to you in the days to come. Maybe I should have just skipped today entirely. But then I would have been in even more of a funk for not finishing what I started . . .

Sometimes, to turn your frown upside down, you listen to cheerful music. I tried that, but it didn’t work. So the next best thing I could think to do was to pick a song to help me wallow. Just for a few minutes.

I think this might be the saddest Christmas song ever. As a major and noted fan of the sad song genre, I guess it’s fitting that I’ve included one song that is more melancholy than festive. And one post that is more dreary than cheery.

Oh well. Better that my blue Christmas arrived today than next week! And as Clarice the Reindeer reminds us, “There’s Always Tomorrow.”